Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elizabeth C. Bellingrath

I finally heard from Bob Buck, the famed aviator who was licensed at age 15, and broke air speed records crossing the country at 16. He now lives in Vermont, as do his two children.

His Buck family came to Vermont in 1794 from England. Two brothers, one moved to Texas, the other stayed in Vermont.

Not much else about his own parents, but I'm hoping that the description of this branch of the Buck family will match up with someone else on this mailing list.

His grandmother, Elizabeth Bellingrath, was born in Switzerland, was originally a Ruban. His grandfather was Ewal Bellingrath, from Alsace.

There's a Nietzel family in there somewhere (hence the middle name), but he asked that we not go into that part of his life. From what I've gathered through census records, it appears he may have been born a Nietzel, in Elizabeth, NJ, and later became a Buck when his mother remarried.

My cousin, Everson Pearsall, also a pilot, played golf with Bob many times in NJ, and told me that Bob's Buck father was a doctor. He recalled they moved to Buck's County, PA, and later back to VT.

That's all I know, and may be all we find out. As Bob Buck put it, "My interests are what's ahead, not behind".

Gary Allen Richardson
August 20, 2006

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